Choose and equip your drone – then go forth towards your space adventures!
  • Explore alien worlds
  • Fight with opponents
  • Gather resources
  • Unravel the mysteries of alien civilization
  • Monetize your game experience!
SkyDrone: Cyber Rangers is an online multiplayer third-person 3D shooter set in a far away alien world.
The player controls a customizable spacefaring drone.The drone can move in three ways (back and forth, left and right, up and down), that is, it is able to fly and swim underwater.
The game has both single and multiplayer modes:
a single mode
a multiplayer mode
The in-game store
The multiplayer mode
The single player campaign mode takes the player to a distant and unknown planet. It is run by an artificial intelligence (AI) that is out of control.

The main mission is to figure out what is going on on the planet. It is necessary to neutralize the AI and discover the secrets of the civilization that created both the AI and explorer drones.
The single player campaign
team confrontations
battle royale
The multiplayer mode offers the player several options:
It all allows to effectively monetize the game
tickets for unique events
new bright drones and its parts
In the store the player can buy:
SkyDrone: Cyber Rangers is a bright and exciting game in an unusual genre which is a modern rethinking of legendary old games like Descent and Forsaken and adapted for mobile devices.
The development team decided to simplify the control for user convenience to play on mobile. So the drone is not moving in six ways, as in the aforementioned PC games, but in three.
A complete sense of flight and freedom of movement during the attacks is fully maintained and you do not have to keep a dozen control keys in mind.
The game combines:
tested gameplay mechanics
fascinating plot
heavy action stunts in battles (that are fully displayed in the multiplayer mode)
All this in front of the background of colorful and incredible landscapes on a mysterious distant planet.

SkyDrone: Cyber Rangers is a well-rounded game. The player may experience being a researcher, an astronaut, a pilot, and a shooter. It inspires imagination and dreams about new worlds!
SkyDrone: Cyber Rangers is
Mobile third person 3D shooter set in space in three planes that gives the feeling of flight and fighting in the air.
Fascinating and fantastic plot that has over 20 hours of gameplay.
Single and multiplayer modes (including “Royal Battle”)
Variety of drones for every style and preference that can be unlocked in the campaign, bought, or leveled up to.
Astonishing visuals – fabulous landscape and thematic locations on another planet.
Tournaments and player ratings.
Unique feature of the game
Is the integration of cryptocurrency and earning opportunities for players!

SkyDrone: Cyber Rangers is attractive not only for gamers but also for crypto enthusiasts.

You can read more in Whitepaper.

of a web version
Apart from the main application for the mobile devices the team also plans the web version with additional functionality:
Ability to sell your tokens on the stock exchange at any time
Ability to rent purchased drones out to players, sharing profits (Drone-sharing)
Purchased NFT-drones will give the player the ability to earn the game tokens at a higher rate
Ability to buy unique drones in the NFT form that allows the player to get them in the main game
Ability to link well-known crypto wallets like Metamask, Trust Wallet, and others
SkyDrone: Cyber Rangers is exciting game
Battle Drones is one of the first games that combines:
truly exciting gameplay
non-standard earning opportunities in cryptocurrency
It has all key qualities for success in the game industry.

The game was originally developed not as a crypto project, but as a full-fledged classic game for mobile platforms.
So it is really interesting to play.

More advanced product was created thanks to the successful collaboration of GameDev experts with experienced crypto enthusiasts.
The game gives the freedom of choice:
SkyDrone: Cyber Rangers is a new word in the GameFi industry.
Each owner of NFT-drone can get passive income renting it out to an experienced player
Unique NFT drones allow you to earn more
It does not require initial investments, but gives the opportunity to get tokens as a reward
It fascinates you even if your goal is not to earn
Go on a fascinating trip
to an unpredictable, infinite universe and explore the mysterious planet Firera
Central city
Oblivion island
Your character is a drone!
It is an intelligent machine that has the ability to learn and evolve.

It has a peaceful nature, behaves like a curious child, but it can stand up for itself and protect itself if any danger occurs.

It is careful not to kill, but only to immobilize. If it can slip through unnoticed, it would definitely be its main route.

Research, resource gathering, and development are its chief occupations.
With the ability to level up, your drone obtains a weapon that does not destroy, but immobilizes the rival.
It is possible to level up speed, accuracy, duration of the immobilization, and other characteristics.
of the drones
Cross-platform mobile game for iOS/ANDROID
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