Royal Battle Game
Amazing Drones.
Upgrade your live drone in the most action-packed shooter with amazing gameplay, stories and locations.
BNB Chain.
You can sell and rent out your drones and convert game points into tokens.
Unreal Engine 5.
The Rovilon game, Royal Battle is developed on the best engine in the world.
Online mobile shooter using Blockchain and NFT technologies.
Beta version. Play for free.
Download. Register. Play
Enjoy free-to-play game without time limits.
Beta version. Play for free.
Improve without borders.
Change, develop, improve your drone: colour, equipment, weapons and etc.
Your drone is your partner.
It helps you win. It may also be offended if you don't take care of it.
Play tournaments, take TOP places, get Rewards.
Multilevel gameplay with story mode. New locations. Difficulty increase. Battles against AI.
Tournaments, royal battle, racing, shared storyline, team play in game closed lobby.
Beta version. Play for free.
Win to Earn.
Unreal Drones.
With its emotions, characters and even thoughts.

You can sell your upgraded drone for more or rent it out through Drone Sharing.
You can purchase a powerful drone, weapons, and special effects which will be stored as NFT tokens.
Get a special NFT sensor for your drone and earn tokens while playing.
Beta version. Play for free.
Be quicker
With Drone Sharing.
Rent powerful drones due to blockchain and NFT technologies.
Beta version. Play for free.
Get new experience and feel the sensations that are not available in usual games.
Step-by-step implementation of a large scale project.
Q1 2021
  1. Development of a game concept.
  2. Market research.
  3. Document Design Development.
Q2 2021
  1. Development of technical documentation.
  2. Creation of a business plan.
Q3 2021
  1. Development of the in-game balancing.
  2. Company opening in Delaware.
Q4 2021
  1. Formation of basic documentation on copyright protection of the company, contracts, NDA, other documents.
  2. Start searching for a development team.
Q1 2022
  1. Drawing the art concept for the game.
  2. Modeling, drawing and rendering of characters.
  3. Development of gameplay mechanics.
  4. Testing and debugging of game processes (character control, interaction in the game environment).
Q2 2022
  1. Modeling and assembling of the first levels in the game.
  2. Sound effects development.
  3. Development of visual effects and animation.
Q3 2022
  1. Development of scripts on levels.
  2. Creation of AI entities (antagonists) and customization of their algorithms.
Q4 2022
  1. Creation of basic interface.
  2. Development of the in-game mechanics of the character with the environment.
Q1 2023
  1. Improvement of the movement mechanics of the characters.
  2. Improvement of the character weapon systems.
  3. User-interface development.
  4. Development of the levels of the storyline.
Q2 2023
  1. User-interface development.
  2. Development of the levels of the storyline.
Q3 2023
  1. Creation of the online session mechanics.
  2. QA testing.
Q4 2023
  1. Final preparations before launch to the moon.
Q1 2024
  1. AMA session
  2. IDO
Q2 2024
  1. Release Game.
  2. Listing on exchanges
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VC and Partners:
Beta version. Play for free.
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Rovilon is distributed under the Free to Play model. There is also an in-game store to enhance the gaming experience.
Rovilon allows you to sell your characters and your entire account.